Recommended Reading

Books, Collections, Essays & Monographs

James J. Martin, Men Against the State. (1953).

Frank H. Brooks, The Individualist Anarchists: An Anthology of Liberty (1881-1908). (1994).

Enemies of Society: An Anthology of Individualist & Egoist Thought. (2012).

Sharon Presley and Crispin Sartwell, eds., Exquisite Rebel: The Essays of Voltairine de Cleyre — Anarchist, Feminist, Genius. (2005).

Eunice Minette Schuster, Native American Anarchism: A Study of Left-Wing American Individualism. (1932). 

A.J. Brigati, ed., The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader. (2004). 

William Batchelder Greene, Mutual Banking. (1850).

William Batchelder Greene, Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic, and Financial Fragments. (1875).

Stephen Pearl Andrews, The Science of Society. (1851).

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, What is Property?. (1840).

Charles A. Dana, Proudhon and His "Bank of the People". (1896).

Josiah Warren, Equitable Commerce. (1852).

Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book, By a Man Too Busy to Write One. (1897).

Francis D. Tandy, Voluntary Socialism. (1901).

John Beverley Robinson, Economics of Liberty. (1916).

Michael E. Coughlin, Charles H. Hamilton, and Mark A. Sullivan, eds., Benjamin R. Tucker & the Champions of Liberty: A Centenary Anthology. (1975).

Joshua King Ingalls, Social Wealth. (1885).

Kevin A. Carson, Studies in Mutualist Political Economy. (2004).

Jeffrey A. Tucker, ed., The Lysander Spooner Reader. (2012).

Iain McKay, ed., Property is Theft!: A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Anthology. (2011).

Wendy McElroy, The Debates of Liberty: An Overview of Individualist Anarchism, 1881-1908. (2003). 

Gary Chartier and Charles W. Johnson, eds., Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty. (2011).

John Henry Mackay, The Anarchists. (1894).

Thomas Hodgskin, The Natural and Artificial Right of Property Contrasted. (1832).

Thomas Hodgskin, Labour Defended Against the Claims of Capital. (1825).

Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy, The State. (1935).

Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own. (1845).

William Godwin, An Inquiry Concerning Political Justice. (1793).

Lysander Spooner, The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner (1834-1886), in 5 vols. (2010).

Etienne de la Boetie, The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude. (1576).

Edmund Burke, A Vindication of Natural Society. (1756).

Clarence Lee Swartz, What is Mutualism?. (1927).

Henry Bool, Henry Bool's Apology for His Jeffersonian Anarchism. (1901). 

Henry Bool, Liberty Without Invasion, Means and End of Progress. (1898).

John Badcock, Slaves to Duty. (1906).

Ezra H. Heywood, Hard Cash. (1875).

Ezra H. Heywood, Yours or Mine. (1876).

Joseph Labadie, Anarchism. (1932).

Joshua King Ingalls, Economic Equites. (1887).

Henry Appleton, What Is Freedom and When Am I Free?. (1886).


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